Train Transportation In Malaysia





The train network in Malaysia can be split into two types of service the inter city, countrywide, traditional KTMB rail network and the inner city, light rail transit networks. While the KTMB service serves the entire country, travelling between major cities and also up into Thailand, trains can be old, slow and, ultimately, an uncomfortable way to travel the breadth of the country.

Nevertheless, the service is well priced and some locals favour this method over the road transit alternatives. In contrast, KL’s LRT, Monorail and hopefully Penang’s planned rail services are fast, clean, cheap and very well used. Providing you are close to a station, they are perhaps the best way to commute around the city.

The Putra LRT network, run by RapidKL, serves 48 stations across the Klang Valley. Even the longest single journey will cost less than RM3 and travellers can use prepaid Touch ‘n Go cards to pay the fare. Alternatively, daily travel cards can be bought for RM7 and allow travel throughout the Klang Valley on all RapidKL affiliated services (including buses and trains).

Also in the Klang Valley, the KLIA Express has been a fantastic success, transporting travellers to and fro KL city center and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The journey costs just RM35 for one way (RM15 for children) and takes 28minutes from station to station (KL Central–KLIA–KL Central). Malaysia Airlines also have a check-in counter at KL Central allowing travellers to check in for their flight before even arriving at the airport.




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