The Transportation System of Singapore



Transportation system in Singapore is generally Land-based. Various regions of Singapore are reachable by road connecting the islands such as Jurong and Sentosa. Singapore has also exceptional road link to the neighboring state of Malaysia. There are definitely major challenges facing Singapore’s road transport especially the growing urban population and limited space. Compared to other world major cities, Singapore also experiences heavy traffic mainly on major roads and this has necessitated the government to impose certain ways to minimize the influx of vehicles in the streets, since buses and cars are the major road users. There is also the cable car transport system that operates between the mainland, Sentosa Island and Mount Faber. Since its recent refurbishment in 2010, the Cable car system is seen as a fine option of accessing other regions in Singapore in quick-time especially by tourists. Singapore also thrives with a standard rail gauge system that aids railway transport. The city has about four major functioning rail systems that are managed by private companies like, SBS Transit, Circle Line and others. The rail network link is estimated to be over 95 miles hosting around 102 stations. Accordingly, some are still under construction and intensive planning. There also exists Light Rail Transit (LRT) structure comprising of 14 stations, which originally introduced in Bukit Panjang in 1999 with the length of 7.8kms. Another (LRT) line was also commissioned in 2003 and 2005 in Sengkang and Punggol respectively, serving the residences. Hitachi Asia Company also built 2.1 km Sentosa monorail 2007 to assist in the rail transport. Boats and ferry transport to the surrounding islands are available at Changi and other major terminal like Tanah Merah. Cruise ships are also available more so, to visitors that are visiting the country. Undeniably, Singapore boasts as the busiest and best seaport in Asia, outshining Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Air transport is also a thriving business in Singapore as it is known for famous tourist attractions. Changi airport is among the vital air hubs in the region. Seletar airport is also a great hub though, is mainly used for private aviation linking Redang and Tioman Islands (Getting Around 2013)


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