Transportation system in San Francisco CA, USA


The transportation system of San Francisco city is unique and has vast provisions that can be compared to very few cities in the US or perhaps around the globe. Accordingly, as any other major city in the world would offer, San Francisco presents numerous transportation modes that should be used according to needs and locations at any given time. Moving around by car in San Francisco is fun and presents opportunities of viewing the vast city in various corners and regions using tall interchanging roads and ramps. The main challenge is the heavy traffic that is touted as among the nightmares of the city due to its legendry car culture. Since their inception in 1873, cable cars acting as mobile landmarks, have reigned in the city throughout the year. The cable car lines are mostly popular with tourists since they offer vast panoramic views by the three main cable line companies. Undeniably, the natives also enjoy rides in these cable cars around the city. Streetcars using light rails network in the city are also exceptional in getting any individual around the city. Like the cable cars, these Metro lines or also historic to San Francisco. Conversely, they are known to be less crowded during early morning and late evening hours. There are also buses and trolley buses that move around the city in almost every minute.

Caltrains also offer standard train services between San Jose to San Francisco and, the Peninsula. There are also ferry services operating between Sausalito and Alcatraz. Further ferries are accessible to Oakland, Angel Island, Alameda and other places within the pacific waters. Indeed San Francisco has also major airports that serve both domestically and internationally. Los Angeles and San Francisco airports are considered among the busiest airports in the US, due to their panoramic locations and major tourist attraction across the region (Getting Around 2013).



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